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We democratize the power of conversation.



bao in a little more detail

When good conversations are flowing, relationships thrive and businesses grow.

Our platform makes cold outreach more effective and productive: Interactive playbooks help sales deliver best-in-class calls and objection handling while being able to capture all data on the fly in their CRM of choice. Powerful analytics open up opportunities to analyze and boost conversations and team productivity. Our AI-driven solutions, including call transcripts, summaries and generative playbooks, are designed to make outreach not just more efficient but also a better experience.

Proven customer ROI: +43% Win Rate, +25% Call Activity, -80% Manual Effort

Who normally uses bao tool?

BDRs & SDRs, Team Leads and Sales Management, AEs

What pain is bao addressing?

We address challenges in ineffective cold outreach, managing outbound teams, and low process efficiency and automation. With bao, you can:

- Increase your win rate and activity with best-in-class cold outreach
- Boost your outbound team management, productivity and onboarding
- Get actionable data and analytics on sales conversations 
- Make sales onboarding & training faster and more effective

What makes bao solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

Our mission is to build technology that democratizes the power of conversation, enabling everyone to transform a conversation into an opportunity. We believe AI should not replace humans but rather enhance our unique strengths. We are the first top-of-funnel solution focusing on making cold outreach more effective, piloting conversations in a user-friendly way and in real time. We're creating a platform with unique and expanding capabilities, providing a unique specialized data source for any sales organization to leverage and increase their success.

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Our mission is to ensure every customer walks away from a company interaction feeling valued, understood, and thinking, 'That was exceptional!



Cuinti in a little more detail

Cuinti effectively trains sales & customer service teams by offering an immersive environment where they can engage with lifelike simulated customers. Our Cuinti AI takes on a customer role, speaks to employees via phone, and confronts them with challenging situations. Afterwards, trainees receive actionable feedback & suggestions for improvement.

Who normally uses Cuinti tool?

Sales Managers and Team Leaders: Utilize Cuinti to facilitate comprehensive training programs for their sales representatives, leveraging AI-generated scenarios and personalized feedback to enhance team performance.

Sales Representatives: Engage with Cuinti for immersive training experiences, honing their skills through realistic interactions with AI-generated customers and receiving personalized feedback to improve their performance.

Sales Enablement and Training Managers: Customize training materials using Cuinti's content configurator to meet specific organizational needs, streamlining the training process and maximizing its effectiveness.

Trainers and Coaches: Augment coaching efforts with Cuinti's AI-supported platform, providing innovative and interactive training sessions that adapt to individual learners' strengths and weaknesses.

What pain is Cuinti addressing?

In today's competitive business landscape, effective sales training is vital for success. Yet, traditional training methods — be it personal coaching, seminars, or WBTs — involve a trade-off between quality, frequency, and cost. It's either effective but too expensive for businesses to offer frequently, or scalable and cost-efficient, but too generic and thus ineffective. Today, high-impact training remains reserved only for large enterprises. And for them it represents an enormous cost factor.

What makes Cuinti solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

AI-supported training: Cuinti leverages artificial intelligence to craft immersive sales scenarios where employees engage with AI-generated customers, fostering adaptive learning tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Objective feedback: Through advanced AI analysis, Cuinti delivers personalized and unbiased feedback following each training session, surpassing the limitations of subjective human evaluation common in traditional approaches.

Scalability and cost-efficiency: Unlike traditional methods prone to high costs and scalability challenges, Cuinti offers streamlined scaling capabilities, ensuring top-tier training while maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Customized content: With Cuinti's configurator, companies can effortlessly tailor training content to their precise requirements, a task often arduous and time-intensive with conventional methods.

Flexibility: Cuinti empowers organizations to adjust training schedules to accommodate employees' needs, providing unmatched flexibility and convenience beyond the constraints of traditional classroom settings.

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dealcode AI transforms B2B sales by automating lead generation and personalizing outreach, using AI to increase efficiency and win rates.



dealcode in a little more detail

dealcode AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to redefine B2B sales efficiency worldwide. By leveraging artificial intelligence, dealcode AI uncovers actionable insights and guides sales teams to optimal deal-closing paths. By automating lead research, personalizing outreach, and optimizing sales strategies, dealcode enables companies to significantly improve sales conversion rates and revenue growth, ensuring that every sales activity is both strategic and impactful.

Who normally uses dealcode tool?

Our primary users are B2B sales and marketing professionals looking to streamline their sales process. dealcode AI is ideal for those looking to increase campaign efficiency, minimize time spent on non-selling activities, and maximize opportunities for growth and revenue through more effective, AI-driven strategies.

What pain is dealcode addressing?

dealcode AI addresses the critical pain points in the sales funnel by eliminating the billions of hours wasted annually on manual lead research and inefficient outreach methods. Our AI-powered solution not only reduces the financial burden of these activities, but also dramatically improves the predictability and scalability of sales results, transforming sales from a tedious task into a strategic, results-driven endeavor.

What makes dealcode solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

What truly sets dealcode AI apart is that it integrates AI not as an add-on, but as the core foundation of the sales process - making it autonomous, predictive, and personalized to an unprecedented degree. This technology doesn't just automate tasks; it revolutionizes the entire sales workflow, allowing sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals. With the ability to replicate the performance of 20 to 30 sales professionals with just one, dealcode AI offers scalability and adaptability unmatched by its competitors.

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Dealfront is the Go-to-Market Platform for Europe that gives sales and marketing teams everything they need to win leads and close deals.



Dealfront in a little more detail

Dealfront is the Go-to-Market Platform for Europe that gives sales and marketing teams everything they need to win leads and close deals. Dealfront’s revenue engine is built on live European data in multiple languages, so it can access information other tools can’t. Its algorithms and applications understand the nuances in European data, languages, culture, and regulations – and how they vary from region to region – giving your business the edge anywhere in Europe. And because its platform is built for Europe’s strict compliance standards, Dealfront offers transparency into how it sources data. So wherever in Europe you’re doing business, Dealfront gives you the competitive advantage that generic GTMs can’t.

Who normally uses Dealfront tool?

Predominantly Sales teams, from SDRs to Account Executives.At the same time, Leadfeeder by Dealfront and Promote help marketers understand and tailor advertising according to their best-converting audience.

What pain is Dealfront addressing?

40 % of an average sales rep’s time goes into figuring out who to get in touch with. When they do muster the courage to make that outreach, there is no guarantee that the individual will find relevance in what they have to say, let alone even heard about the product or service.Conversely, valuable marketing dollars are squandered targeting accounts that aren’t likely to convert.

Dealfront helps sales and marketers target the right companies, with the right message at the right time.

What makes Dealfront solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

Deep Data - Dealfront draws from three layers of data - market signals, web visitors, and EU company databases. With deep data comes a deep understanding of how to reach your revenue potential.

True Compliance and Transparency - Dealfront meets the highest GDPR compliance and privacy standards, and shows you how your data was sourced. Our platform is hosted in Europe and processed under European regulation, so you know your data is secure and won’t be sold to third parties.

Euro-DNA - With its German and Finnish origins, Dealfront was born and raised with a native understanding of the European market. Trained on European data in many languages, it provides data and insights that others can’t.

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Gainsight is the complete Customer Success platform. We help businesses drive efficient growth and deliver a world-class customer journey from end-to-end.



Gainsight in a little more detail

Gainsight helps businesses unleash the full potential of their customers with one comprehensive suite of products, including Customer Success, Customer Communities, Customer Education and Product Experience. It’s never been easier to scale your business, grow your revenue, and retain your customers.

Who normally uses Gainsight tool?

Chief Customer Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Customer Success Leaders, VP of CS, CSMs, Customer Operations, Product Manager, Community Manager, Chief Learning Officer, CS Operations, Customer Education Manager.

What pain is Gainsight addressing?

Increase expansion and retention, scale and efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

What makes Gainsight solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

Gainsight distinguishes itself as the unparalleled leader in Customer Success, setting the industry standard and going beyond. With a people-centric approach, we prioritize serving customers throughout their entire journey. Our comprehensive suite of tools and insights offers a 360-degree view of customer growth, empowering businesses to excel in fostering lasting relationships and driving success.

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honeysales is the world’s first B2B Sales AI that fully automates prospecting & nurturing, allowing Sales Teams to fully replace their SDR’s.



honeysales in a little more detail

honeysales offers a superior AI solution designed to revolutionize the sales process. Utilizing advanced machine learning, our software delivers an unparalleled combination of lead generation, nurturing & relationship building to supercharge your meeting pipeline with highly relevant prospects that are ready to buy.The seamless integration of cold outreach and lead nurturing through signal based and highly personalized communication with timely content, successfully creates relationships with new leads and guides them towards a personal sales meeting. No more CRM graveyards!Further, the platform's strength extends to its sophisticated real-time analytics and reporting. These provide you with actionable insights, equipping sales leaders with the necessary tools to refine strategies and effectively drive revenue growth.Our philosophy is simple: We believe in blending the strengths of technology with human expertise which enhances sales performance and allows sales teams to concentrate on what truly matters - closing deals.

Who normally uses honeysales tool?

First end to end sales tool for sellers, helping them maximize their productivity and streamline their processes.

What pain is honeysales addressing?

It’s becoming increasingly harder for companies to find good sellers. When (or if) they do, there’s a lot of tools involved in the sales process - up to 10 tools, on average, are involved from the first touchpoint to finally closing a deal. This is making it harder & harder for Sellers to work efficiently and maximize their output.

What makes honeysales solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

We are the world’s first end to end Sales AI in the B2B space. We not only automate the prospecting process, but go one step further and automate the entire nurturing part as well.

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Kickscale is an AI sales platform that increases closure rates and efficiency by recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales conversations.



Kickscale in a little more detail

Kickscale ( is a pioneer in the German-speaking region in the field of sales conversation analysis. The company specializes in optimizing sales and customer interactions through artificial intelligence. The technology enables businesses to refine their sales strategies, make data-driven decisions, and develop a profound understanding of customers, resulting in an average increase in closure rates by 20% and a time saving of over 30 hours per month per employee.

Kickscale's AI-driven sales coach analyzes conversations, suggests improvements, and generates valuable customer data that can be utilized across departments (e.g., marketing, product, management) to optimize the sales process and increase revenue. Users of the software include B2B companies such as Finway, eCommerceDB, Symvaro,, and ContractHero.

Who normally uses Kickscale tool?

Account Executives use Kickscale to work more efficiently and save time on administrative tasks such as follow-up emails and CRM data maintenance. AEs also receive detailed insights and improvement suggestions for their sales conversations. CROs and Head of Sales use Kickscale to coach the sales team comprehensively and identify areas for improvement.CEOs, Head of Product, and Head of Marketing use Kickscale to gain aggregated insights into sales conversations to make strategic decisions (e.g., which features are most in demand, common objections, customer buying motivations, etc.).

What pain is Kickscale addressing?

Sales conversations often fail due to a lack of understanding of customer needs, poorly trained salespeople, or incorrect positioning. Identifying why sales conversations are not successful is usually difficult and costly. Kickscale addresses this by providing an AI-driven sales coach that automates the analysis of conversations and extracts crucial customer statements. By using Kickscale, closure rates and efficiency can increase by up to 32%.

What makes Kickscale solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

Own AI tailored for the German-speaking market with a focus on sales.
Detection of dialects and common languages (e.g., German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.).
GDPR compliance and the option to host all data within the European Union.

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Add, sync and enrich contacts from LinkedIn to your CRM.



Surfe in a little more detail

Surfe is the #1 solution for integrating your CRM with LinkedIn to• eliminate the need for manual data entry (adds contacts or whole lists in 1-click)
• enhance data quality through multiple vendor enrichment
• gain visibility into contact , lead, and deal statuses
• boost sales productivity and improve outreach (personalized message templates)

Compatible with: HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Copper and GSheets. Integrates with Salesloft, Outreach and Lemlist.

Loved by 15,000+ users from companies like Google, Amazon AWS or Bolt.

Who normally uses Surfe tool?

- SDR/BDRs Account Executives
- Growth/Marketing- Founders

What pain is Surfe addressing?

- LinkedIn to CRM Synchronization (e.g. see who’s already a CRM contact)
- Add LinkedIn Contacts to your CRM
- Export contact/account lists with LinkedIn SalesNavigator
- Contact enrichment (email + phone) via 15+ premium databases

What makes Surfe solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

Better email + phone find rate across regions due to multiple vendor enrichment (Surfe searches through 15+ premium databases such as Apollo, Hunter, Dropcontact or RocketReach).

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Hyper-Personalize Your Sales Outreach based on Timing & Relevance!



Syntinels in a little more detail

The easiest way to create a tailored and hyper-personalized sales approach with just one click, directly integrated into your daily sales workflow. Syntinels allows you to target the right customer at the right time and create the perfect approach based on sales triggers such as job postings, technologies and relevant keywords - highly customized from customer to customer. Because syntinels is integrated with your beloved CRM system, it automatically creates tasks for you so you never miss an opportunity when your product/service is needed by your prospect.

Who normally uses Syntinels tool?

SDRs/BDRs & Outbound AEs from software companies within the DACH-region.

What pain is Syntinels addressing?

Bulk mailing and quantity-based outreach no longer work, as conversion rates are extremely low. Therefore, sellers have to invest a lot of time in research to personalize their messages and reach their quota. Many sellers don’t know which companies to target at any specific time, based on timing and relevance.

What makes Syntinels solution innovative or differentiates it from the competition?

It is not just about providing data, but rather about integrating it into the user’s real workflow (CRM) and converting the data provided into actions by, for example, immediately generating compelling messages from it. Also, Syntinels specializes in the DACH region.

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