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If you're in sales, customer success, or pre-sales, this podcast is tailor-made for you. Gain invaluable insights and learn from top talents at renowned tech companies across EMEA. We deliver new episodes every week, featuring diverse and amazing co-hosts. Are you prepared to elevate your career to new heights?

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Our Favorite podcasts

We've meticulously curated the most pertinent and valuable SaaS sales podcasts in the DACH region. Our aim is to furnish you with unparalleled insights into SaaS sales, straight from the experts who are well-versed in the most current, relevant, and trending information on the subject. Dive into interviews with the trailblazers who are making a significant impact in the world of SaaS Sales.

Sales and Pepper

Welcome to Sales & Pepper Interviews, where we're shaking up the way we perceive sales. Join us as we dive into captivating conversations with seasoned managers and intriguing personalities, exploring the dynamic realm of sales and its impact on career growth. From insightful industry anecdotes to practical career advice, we uncover the essence of successful sales strategies and how they intertwine with personal development. It's time to redefine the art of selling and revitalize your approach to professional growth. Tune in, follow our journey, and spread the word. Together, let's spice up the world of sales! Visit for more information.

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The B2B Sales Podcast

The B2B Sales Podcast addresses topics at the core of B2B sales, such as sales development, sales training, and sales coaching. This podcast will help salespeople such as Sales Development Rep (SDR), Account Executive (AE), or anyone in sales management discover new tactics and implement them within their sales organizations.

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A day in a life of a PERSONA

Every week, Mafalda Johannsen is interviewing buyer personas to understand how they think and what makes them tick.✓ Are you curious about which challenges CEOs have?✓ Do you want to know which tasks a CTO prioritizes?✓ Where do COOs keep themselves updated with new trends?✓ Which KPIs are relevant to a CMO?

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PreSales Unleashed | Sales Engineering im B2B-Softwarevertrieb

Gemeinsam etablieren wir Weltklasse PreSales im deutschsprachigen Raum und machen dich zum Sales Engineering Rockstar! Wir helfen dir, deine PreSales Fähigkeiten zu entfesseln und kontinuierlich zu entwickeln. Für mehr Spaß in deiner Rolle, höhere Win-Rates und begeisterte Kunden. (ehem. Sales Excellence Podcast)

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Das klassische Go to Market liegt im Sterben. Calls und Mails funktionieren gerade noch so gut, dass wir als Manager die Notwendigkeit umzudenken und neue Wege zu gehen ignorieren. Wir befinden uns in einem konstanten Kampf um die Aufmerksamkeit der Kunden. Mit der zunehmenden Verwendung von Chat-GPT werden die Inboxen noch weiter überflutet. Selbst gute Mails und Produkte, bekommen nicht die Aufmerksamkeit, die sie verdienen. Und auch bei Inbound-Methoden sind wir einer konstanten Informationsflut ausgesetzt. Zusätzlich gehen wir doch alle kaum noch ans Telefon, wenn wir die Nummer nicht kennen oder den Anruf nicht erwarten oder das Handy ist aus, weil wir in Meetings sind.

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We all know the famous 7 Deadly Sins, but have you heard about the 3 Sales Training “d(r)eadly” sins? In this podcast series, Mafalda Johannsen asks sales experts to share 3 sales training mistakes they have seen or experienced throughout their careers. With these fun and lively conversations, we hope to help the sales community deliver more effective training.

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The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps

The SDR DiscoCall Podcast show follows the same theme and principle of a “Discovery-Call” aka "DiscoCall" most Sales reps' perform typically at the beginning of a Sales Cycle when speaking to a first-time prospect in tech sales, where they gather information in the space of 15-30mins. In this Podcast, the SDR Guest will still be in the SDR position at their current company (max 2 years) and we follow an agenda of i) Introductions, ii) Their SDR story iii) 3-Key takeaways they have learned whilst in the role - Now also available as a Youtube 4k-Video Show via

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DEAL Podcast

Im DEAL Podcast erfährst du alles was du brauchst, um erfolgreich im B2B IT und Software Sales zu sein. DEAL Podcast ist für dich wenn du Sales Rep im IT oder Software Sales bist, wenn du Tipps aus der Sales Praxis lernen willst, oder wenn du daran glaubst, dass Sales Erfolg im Kopf beginnt.

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