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One Festival for Europe‘s Top Talent in Sales and customer Success

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More than 75% of all Sales Leaders rate training and motivation of existing teams in 2023 way more important than before.

Is training and motivation your existing Sales and Customer Success Teams in 2023...

Finding and selecting the right trainings, perks and incentives is a big pain

Non-transparent market

Quality of certain training offers is quite unclear and divers.

High fragmentation

Team members have very different needs based on their skills. Covering this high variety is expensive and also time consuming.

Low innovation

Designing or selecting a really innovative and motivating spiff for your teams is challenging

These days are finally over!

Curtains up for Europes best incentive and trainings event

What is the ARRtist Circus ?

  • Full day and night physical event in Berlin, April 19th 2024

  • Designed for teams in tech sales and customer success

  • It’s not another conference - our vision is to build the “Tomorrowland” for Sales and Success

  • 80 of the world best trainers and speakers

  • More than 50 hands on Workshops and over 30 masterclasses and keynotes

  • Meet and battle with 100 teams of Europes top tech companies in fun competitions

  • Grow and bond as a time while dancing to the best tunes in Berlin

Why your team should attend?

Provide your team the best training in 2024

Boost the motivation of your Individual Contributors before, during and after the event

Position your brand as one of the Go-To employer in Tech Sales and Success

What the participant teams are saying


Commercial Director @ Younium

"With remote work as our challenge, this event becomes a catalyst for us to unite, celebrating our shared values and nurturing collaboration. We decided to use the ARRtist Circus as our yearly kick-off in 2024. It's a chance to step out of screens and into a vibrant atmosphere of learning and bonding. The ARRtist Circus promises renewal and a fresh team spirit. I'm eagerly anticipating this journey together."

Oliver Manojlovic

VP Sales @ Personio

"Sending my team to the ARRtist Circus is a true game-changer. It's not just about attending an event, it's about fueling their growth and motivation. I love that I can connect performance with this extraordinary experience. By using the tickets as an SPIFF (Incentive) in Q4, I'm not only investing in their development but also igniting a spark that will drive their success. It's a win-win strategy that brings tangible results and unforgettable memories."

Frank Piotraschke

Chief Revenue officer @ SoSafe

"At SoSafe, we believe in nurturing our sales and customer success teams with the best resources. That's why I find the ARRtist Circus so appealing. It provides a unique platform for our teams to access modern insights and training from top talents across Europe. It's not just an event; it's a valuable opportunity for growth and skill enhancement. The circus atmosphere adds an element of excitement that resonates with our team spirit, making it an experience I truly appreciate."


Chief Revenue Officer @ Finway

"As the CRO of Finway, I'm always seeking ways to elevate our company's profile as a desirable employer. The ARRtist Circus caught my attention for its unique blend of top-tier talent and innovative learning. This event isn't just about knowledge sharing; it's a great employer branding opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to growth and development, both for our team and potential talents."

State of the art Sales and Customer Success requires constant motivation. Therefore grow as a team, battle against other companies and enjoy a full evening and night of Circus Entertainment

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Employer Branding

  • Your team is your best branding asset

  • Send a vibrant, energetic crew to show other people in the market what it's like to work at your company

  • Would you like to do more and become a partner of ARRtist Circus? We are happy to brainstorm together

The cherry on the top

  • Exclusive invite for one person to the Leadership Dinner the evening before

  • Access to the Leadership Lounge on Event to extend your network and get inspired by other leaders

Pre Launch of the event

Already more than 25 companies have committed to send their teams.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to the ARRtist Circus

Julius Göllner

Co Founder @ ARRtist

Dominic Klingberg

Partner @ ARRtist

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